Retrofit Projects Can Reduce 

Skyrocketing Utility Costs 

The largest percentage of energy consumption in the average commercial building comes from lighting systems and HVAC systems.  While the utility cost of your lighting system should be very predictable, the HVAC system can vary substantially based on the condition of the equipment.

Maintenance is the best way to help keep your energy costs forecastable, but all equipment loses efficiency over time and eventually requires replacement.

As your equipment slowly experiences this decline over time, HVAC manufacturers are simultaneously introducing products and equipment that can upgrade or replace existing systems and outperform equipment of the past.

Because equipment costs and these new technologies can be a significant facility expense, understanding the life cycle of HVAC equipment and knowing when to replace or upgrade your system is crucial.

For example, the cost to replace a piece of equipment using the “run to fail” philosophy becomes much more expensive when factoring additional downtime, loss of production, and increased costs to expedite the replacement process.

Our extensive retrofit project and renovation experience can help you create an equipment replacement strategy that allows you time to budget for your projects, reduce utility costs, and mitigate costly emergencies.

Ask us how we can help you plan for the future of your HVAC system with our retrofit project expertise.

This is a top-notch company and extremely professional. They keep their promises/agreements and are easy to work with during all phases. I am so happy that I chose to work with them versus the competition.

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